If you are zombie geek, then you must be aware of several of these classic zombies. Before the zombie apocalypse trend hit the world with Resident Evil, the Walking Dead and other zombie series, back when we are still children, there are also several nice zombie films without having them walk around the town eating people. The range of terror classic zombies spread is much smaller.

You can find various information on occult and other nice things around zombies and the undead here on fan sites on the internet. It is always interesting to read several trivia and other stuffs. You can also find Zombielogic’s Incredibly Brief Movie Reviews and flash back in time when the time zombie still varies in shapes and does not always have no brain.

You can bring back the nostalgic memory if you watch Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. It is a classic zombie movie. The technique of taking pictures and special effects is of course so old school. However, that is exactly where the charm of the classic movie is. When you think you need to go back in time, this is what you will want to need. Compared to this, let us compare and see how much the zombie movie theme has changed and what good things that had been erased from the past.

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